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  • About us

    ELDACO is a leading electro-mechanical, contracting, and maintenance company. We operate in Lebanon’s construction engineering business and cover solutions and services in various fields including but not restricted to electrical, telecommunication, and mechanical engineering. The long-lasting relationships with our clients, the heart of our business, are driven by a set of core values that our people don’t compromise on: integrity, trust, and delivering excellent results.


    In 1981, a group of friends with a background in Electro-mechanical engineering started ELDACO in Beirut to capitalize on their previous experience in the GULF and meet local market demands. The constant pillar of success has been Mr. Raymond Korkmaz, the current General Manager who is known for his meticulous attention to detail and never-compromising attitude on quality. Mr. Raymond's journey started in Bahrain where he has lead one of the largest royal projects. Then after moving back to Lebanon, he received one of the biggest commissions- Al Rimal resort. Throughout the years, ELDACO was able to build a strong reputation within a large customer base which covers educational, residential, commercial, leisure, and health sectors. The portfolio of ELDACO gradually evolved to include trust-based partnerships, which have been nurtured over the years, with renowned general contractors having a solid experience in the Middle East and West-Africa.


    We are driven by dedication to deliver exceptional engineering services to our clients while achieving operational excellence throughout the project lifecycle. We build our partnerships with commitment to quality results in a safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient manner. In our pledge to meet the changing needs and challenges of our clients, we continuously develop our team’s skills and expertise, while adopting the latest best practices and innovations in electro-mechanical fields.

    The Team


    With our team’s dedication to quality and excellence, ELDACO has grown into one of the most reliable companies in Lebanon. Our diverse skilled team combines experience & innovation to ensure consistency in delivering exceptional results throughout any phase of the project lifecycle.

  • Values

    Our core values guide how we operate internally and with our partners and communities.


    Safety is more than just an option or a priority; it reflects our genuine care and concern for our people, our greatest asset. ELDACO’s vision to create an injury-free and incident-free environment is highlighted by the adoption and implementation of excellent quality, health, safety and environmental management standards. Our safety measures and requirements are further described here. 

    Quality and Excellence

    We take pride in the relationships we have built and nurtured with our clients. Ever since we started, we have been dedicated to offering the best quality services and ensuring the finest solutions to our clients’ needs; all the while exceeding their expectations. Our outstanding results rely on continuous investment to develop our team’s skills and expertise.

    Environmental Responsibility

    We realize the impact our work has on the communities in which we work. Thus, environmental sustainability is at the core of our business activities at ELDACO. We are committed to enhancing our operations and technologies to protect those communities we work with as well as the environment we live in.

    Integrity and Trust

    Building a reputation of integrity took us years. It is a core value that guides our long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. Above all, it means that we should remain reliable, honest, and ethical at all times and in everything that we do at ELDACO.
  • The Project Process

    ELDACO applies its core technical expertise to successfully meet the diverse clients’ projects and needs. From conception and design to procurement, development, and maintenance, our involvement covers the entire project lifecycle either individually or as a fully integrated solution. 


    Our involvement starts with providing expert advice to ensure the feasibility and maintainability of the designed electrical & mechanical systems. We are always ready to address any business stipulation in the engineering field to fulfill and exceed the client’s required services.


    Eldaco’s capabilities also include handling the procurement aspect of the project. The success of our well established procedures depend on the binding combination between the procurement, planning, and engineering departments. We are known among our customers for our timely delivery and purchasing of the appropriately sourced material. We make sure that the materials are optimally selected and used in accordance with customer requirements, through controlling and monitoring the suppliers’ performance.

     Construction and Development

    Eldaco explores all possibilities for increasing productivity and resolving project challenges. Our construction and development services are carried out across land development, commercial and residential towers, business centers, luxury villas, malls, and university projects. The high quality of our work was achieved through the adoption of construction best practices including: Integrated Management System, Construction Resources (providing equipment on location, regular inspection, training programs), Quality Assurance, Health and Safety Environment.


    Our Management unit is responsible for the operation services that include: System Studies, Perspectives and Business Process Engineering, Material Management, Maintenance Manpower Management.


    At ELDACO, we pride ourselves in exceeding our clients’ requirements and providing lasting support to their needs. Our maintenance division covers the most luxurious projects and villas in Lebanon.

  • Our Services

    From conception through implementation and support, ELDACO’s engineering, operations and maintenance, and procurement departments ensure that the clients’ needs are exceeded. Eldaco’s core competencies include services in the field of electrical, telecommunication and mechanical engineering. 


    • Architectural Lighting
    • Home Automation and Intelligent Lighting Systems
    • Power
    • Medium Voltage Power Plant
    • Photovoltaic Power Systems
    • Panel Boards Assembly


    • Plumbing and drainage 
    • Water Supply system
    • Domestic Water Treatment Systems
    • Sewage treatment plant 
    • Chilled Water System
    • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning System
    • Hot Water boilers, Steam boilers & heat exchangers
    • Fire Fighting & protection system

    Low Current

    • Fire Alarm & detection system
    • Master Antenna & Community Distribution TV (SMATV System)
    • Hotel Management System
    • Parking Management System
    • Audio System for Stages, theaters & Cinemas
    • Nurse call System


    • Building Management System
    • Supervisory control and data acquisition for MV/LV Power plants (SCADA)
    • Telemetry system
    • PLC based fire and gas detection systems


    • Telephone & Data systems
    • Fiber optic networks
    • ISDN solutions for video conferencing and telephone systems


    • CCTV cameras system
    • Intrusion & Burglar Alarm system
    • Access Control system
  • Projects


    Our experience covers all sectors, including but not restricted to commercial, residential, leisure,
    educational, and health.


    At the heart of the glamorous Faqra Club, Edelweiss project is composed of residential and commercial spaces in complete harmony and synergy with the natural surroundings.

    Hôtel Dieu de France Hospital 

    Hôtel-Dieu de France is one of the leading hospitals and health-care centers in Lebanon with state-of-the-art medical facilities residing in the heart of Beirut.

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